Friday, October 19, 2012

Soil or Sky?

"Call it eco-agriculture, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, or agroforestry, it is the future of food and humanity's relationship with our home planet."

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Unknown said...

Hello Albert. Thanks for the graphic, and the previous post on your biochar camp activities. Bravo! FYI, for you and others who may have interest, our second biochar workshop at Morethana Farm is coming up later this month. Here's the URL for info.

Also, I just finished a DVD highlighting my permaculture collaborations with Tibetan refugee farmers in south India. The film trailer can been seen at Film copies can be had by sending me an email at I'm accepting donations for the film to support ongoing Tibetan project.

All for now. Hope to see you on the amateur radio bands soon. Best 73. Jonathan Scherch, KK7PW




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