Monday, October 13, 2008

Coast To Coast

On this coming Thursday night I will be one of the guests appearing with Catherine Austin Fitts on Coast to Coast AM radio. The subject is the financial crisis and we will be joined by community investment experts and sustainability entrepreneurs to talk about sustainable businesses, money cycling, local investments, and other ways people can join together to get through the economic storm and better prepare for the future.

This is part of the run-up to our Financial Permaculture: The Greening of a Rural American Community on October 24-28th in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

During that immersion workshop, we will be going into the “invention room” for five days to develop business plans for a number of different businesses, including a green incubator and a small ethanol production business. There is a pretty amazing group of people coming to participate as both students and resident experts. The whole point of the exercise is to address how we build the financial bridges for transferring investment capital from global financial markets (which are staring into the abyss) to local investment (which is re-aligning to meet community and family needs more directly).

In this regard, I want to remind people of The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide, which could be retitled The Post-Financial Collapse Survival Guide now. The same 12-step program that is designed to end your addiction to oil also works to end your addiction to Wall Street ups and downs, conventional employment (one chapter is called "Quit Your Job") and dependence on government to save you when strange odors start emanating from your fan. I have set up a new link to handle the increase in orders for the book. I have now sold out of my author's supply, but if you order directly from New Society, I get a better royalty percentage than if you order from Amazon or another retail outlet.

If you are up at midnight next Thursday, I hope you will join us on the radio.

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